Sowing God’s Eternal Seed

Dr. John Vaprezsan
Pastor- Metro Baptist Church
Belleville, MI

I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name. Psalms 138:2

What a stunning truth – God magnifies His miraculous Word above every name of the Lord given in scripture!

Think with me. Is there anything on earth that we have seen that will be in Heaven? Only one thing – God’s eternal Word. It’s the precious, powerful Word of God that changes lives, and each one of us is commanded and privileged to share it with others.
Someone cared enough for you and for me to share His wonderful story of love. Now it is our turn to share.

All life begins with the planting of a seed…plant life, animal life and human life. Because of sin, life from these seeds lasts only for a period of time and then dies.

In contrast, God’s Word is the eternal, incorruptible seed, that never dies. When accepted, it blossoms into eternal life. You and I have been given the distinct honor of sharing God’s eternal seed with others.

God has chosen to use us, His children, to “spread the seed.” Some will fall by the wayside, on the hardened heart. Some will land on the stony ground. Some seed will grow only to be choked with thorns. However, some will fall on good ground, the tender heart, where the seed will germinate, grow and produce fruit. We can sow the seed simply by giving out God’s Word for people to read.

Let us carry gospel tracts containing this “life-giving seed” with us at all times! We can hand them out through our daily walk. Establish your personal goal for the week. It is easier than most people think to pass out tracts. You can pass out a hundred tracts in an hour and 15 minutes at a Wal-mart parking lot. (I have done this many times.)

This is my method: As I approach people, I smile, tract in hand and say: “Can I give you a few Bible verses about Heaven and how to get there?” In my experience, an average of 95 out of 100 will accept the tract. Most will smile back and most will say: “Thank you.”

Will anyone get saved? Oh, yes. Only Heaven knows.

Here is an interesting story regarding tract distribution:
“A gentleman from Hawaii called Bible Tract, Inc. asking for 4,500 tracts – 1,500 in English. 1,500 in French. 1,500 in another language. Many months later Bible Tract, Inc. received a letter from a south sea island. The writer said he was very poor. He fished in order to eat. While fishing, something was knocking against his little boat. It was a bottle containing gospel tracts in three languages. He read of salvation and then trusted Christ.
The people at Bible Tract, Inc. recalled the man in Hawaii asking for tracts in those three languages. They still had his phone number and called him. He said that he collected bottles that washed ashore, cleaned them out and placed the three tracts in them. He knew the currents offshore and with his boat cast out the seed. This seed landed on good ground.”